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Site Issues > To be the number one site - stop the virus links on your site!!

You are in:  Forums / Site Issues / To be the number one site - stop the virus links on your site!!
RuneLindPost has 1 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-25 10:32:38(47 wks ago)

Posts: 1


Hi there!

Love your efforts at this site! And admire what you do! And I do understand that you have to show ads to finance the site!

But why do you not check the hi-jacking links that are on your site?
The only reason for them is to plant virus on your users computers!
And that cannot benefit your site at all!

So to stay alive as a serius site, remove all those bad links at once!

Best regards

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sidekickbobPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-25 13:56:53(47 wks ago)

Posts: 61


We had this concern couple of times. We are happy to let you know that now you have a choice and additional way to express your gratitude while enjoying all the hard work ETTV people are doing.


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pinheadPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-26 01:48:23(47 wks ago)

Posts: 51

We have a choice??

Yeah, if this site keeps up with the redirecting Censorede then people will jump ship (I'm about too if this Censored keeps up, and no I'm not going pay no premium rate for a public site  to block adds/redirects...think about it dude, I can block any Censored you throw at me.) . Now I'm no genius, but I'm pretty sure you guys can figure out that redirect ain't the answer, you're not the only group/site out there and let me just enlighten you that this site has a long way to to go....
I'm all for your venture but ffs this is hardly the way to go if you're looking to recruit members...NO NO NO!

EDIT: Express your gratitude??

I express my gratitude by seeding. That's what keeps P2P alive. END OF.

EDIT2: I totally appreciate what the staff/admin/owners and uploaders and mods do here, but there is NO WAY I'm ever going to part with my pennies to fund, I'm perfectly happy with allowing certain ads through as long as they're safe though.
I think you'll find most users of this site will think the same, and if I'm wrong well, slap my thighs and bugger me with a fish fork...

Peace from The Pinhead

Last edited by pinhead on 2018-03-26 02:05:02

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OziPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-26 07:17:39(47 wks ago)

Posts: 85

donations are supposed to remove the adds anyways
if people didn't donate before what makes you guys think they will donate with beta testing?

you guys are going about things the wrong way try focusing on the little things that will keep members coming back

1. the sites template NEEDS to be chanced right now it's like eye cancer

2. a chat window current chat is like and empty prison
people like chat windows they love to window lick and snoop if moderation is a concern add a few chat mods if their not able to be online to monitor trolls well who cares
people are here to download torrents which %99 of are illegal content so if a few say in chat and no ones around to boot those members
then the offended should consider joining a church and stop watching movies/shows that contain the 'offensive' language

3. adjust add script so site cant be accessed if addblockers on and then simply use on site adds and 1 pop out
by 1 pop out im mean just the 1 and not if you keep the page open to long and try to navigate to another page boob another pop


you can even find freeware out there and free online sites that can do as the link above

the sites new like every new business you need to make those little improvements to keep people coming back

focus because things your trying now will only push members away and then you'll obviously loose more traffic

sorry if my post offends you but you need to here it and put your focus on the little things that matter

Last edited by Ozi on 2018-03-26 07:22:16

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sidekickbobPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-26 07:40:01(47 wks ago)

Posts: 61

So don't. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

But listen, I got an idea... maybe we can take couple of hours off from working and come give you a massage once a day too.

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sidekickbobPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-26 07:50:05(47 wks ago)

Posts: 61


There's a todo list. It's so long you could wallpaper your house with it.
All the tasks either require enormous amount of time, and they are being done one by one.

It will all be done eventually. The more people actually supports us the faster it's going to be done, but even if nobody does.. we still going to do it.

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OziPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-26 08:44:31(47 wks ago)

Posts: 85

if time is what you dont have much of you can always ask the community for help after all it's them that use the site and im sure some will help you with the little things like site design eg..
members can post images of Buttons and color layout for the main menu that they'd like to see

and when your free dont think it would be any harder than a simple copy/change in site script
miner things like that are jpg/gif base anyways

just an idea think about it

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SRIGGAPost has 0 Like and 0 Dislike | Posted at 2018-03-26 22:49:01(47 wks ago)

Posts: 30


[color= #0082c8]Hey, wudup bitches? How is everyone doing? Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I haven't had time to log in to the site lately. Been too busy with family and Censored you know.... anyways looking around and reading the topics it seems the site is struggling a bit! like the old ET used to do with AD's

first off let me begin by saying I agree with what that guy " [Member] pinhead." was saying

2th OZI is right you need to focus on the smaller things instead of trying to VIP and NO ad. super this and super that.

With all due respect, it's a shame to see that most of the ppl have a lot say. But they can't lose a 20 or 30$ a month? I understand that most of the uploaders show their gratitude by uploading stuff and seeding them. But what about the rest of the 1000's of downloaders? Can they donate nothing? You see..this is one of the reasons I wanted to stop uploading and Censored. All these Censoreders want to download, and download and download I dare to bet 70% of them don't even seed back. Thy only comes back when they need their next hit with the next title for the show or movie.

Anyways... let me be honest I don't have time to watch the site these days as ozi said about the chat room and forum, etc... and I don't really give a Censored about any of the donator, VIP, and other statues.

The good thing is I'm more than happy to help you guys out with donations. I just need to know how much you guys need for monthly payments so I can see how much I can lose. Don't worry it won't be 10 or 20 euros. If  I'm going to donate, I will donate above 100 or 200 euros. It's all good. just let me know via e-mail >> [email protected]

Like I said I don't have much time these days to come here and stay online for a long time. always happy to help out my homies in need ayt:) then hit me up with an answer, take care, everyone. much love from ya boi SRIGGA;)[/color]

Last edited by SRIGGA on 2018-03-26 22:55:26

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